ELIPSE mask: F.A.Q.

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Many of our readers have asked us for information about the ELIPSE mask and how to properly disinfect it.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions!

The ELIPSE mask with replaceable P3 filters has a minimum efficiency that exceeds 99.95% of all particles, down to a size of 0.3 microns, creating a protective barrier against viruses and bacteria.

The Elipse mask and the P3 filters can be disinfected as follows:

  • Using steam. It’s not recommended to exceed 65°C as this may damage the mask


  • With a UV-C lamp at a wavelength between 200 and 280NM. It’s not recommended to use lamps with a greater wavelength than this as it may damage the mask


  • In an autoclave using pressurised saturated steam. It is recommended to not exceed 121°C as this may damage the mask.


The lifespan of the P3 filters depends on the concentration of pollution in the place of work, and on the type of activity carried out. If the Elipse P3 mask is sanitized using either steam or an autoclave, we suggest to replace the filters after 8 disinfection cycles, while if the disinfection is done with a UV-C lamp we suggest to replace the filters after 5 cycles.

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