The pandemic CoVid-19 is not yet fully known and has been studied by scientists around the world ever since the virus contaminated the city of Wuhan. 

GVS has selected a series of scientific sources on Coronavirus and its evolution. Moreover, some instructions and methods have been provided on how to wear properly and sterilize facemasks and how to sanitize respirators.

Our selection of content:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the US agency charged with tracking and investigating public health trends, has communicated information and tips for the medical use of the same facemask on different patients affected by the same pathology, as well as valid methods for the decontamination and reuse of filtering facepiece respirators.

Papers published on Science Direct clarify what has been determined by the scientific community, providing insights and crucial aspects about Coronavirus and information on its evolution and spread, estimated incubation period and prevention measures taken.

Yale Medicine collected information that everyone should know about the Coronavirus in 5 fundamental areas:

  • CoVid-19 and its rapid evolution
  • The need of strict measures to slow down the virus
  • The role of preventive actions to avoid the virus
  • The experts’ effort to find a rapid solution
  • Indications to follow in case of symptoms

European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the independent agency of the European Union for the prevention and the control of infectious diseases, published some advices on how to wear properly face masks, as well as some instruction on how to sterilize face masks and respirators.

The New England Journal of Medicine, demonstrates how the Coronavirus discovery occurred and provides a description of the clinical features of the first patients affected in Wuhan, also explaining how to detect and isolate CoVid-19.

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